Sectors currently covered by the expert system:

Appliances – Commercial / Domestic
Audio/Video and IT equipment
Laboratory Equipment

Geographical countries or regions covered:

GB (England, Wales and Scotland). UKCA marking.
Northern Ireland. CE and UKNI marking.
EU and EEA. CE Marking

Legislation & Standards:

EU Directives:

LVD (Low Voltage Directive)
EMC (Electromagnetic compatibility)
RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)
GPSD (General Product Safety Directive)

The range of industry sectors, target markets, regulations and standards covered is under continual development and expansion. Dedicated expert resource is continually applied to research and keep the core database of product-related legislation up to date. A considerable undertaking in itself – but this regulatory monitoring is included in the SmartCert pricing at no extra cost. Part of our simple and value-for money pricing policy.

Currently over 350 monitored harmonised standards in our ‘Standards Watch’ database linked to SmartCert.

Comply Express SmartCertTM can be used at a basic level for most product types to upload generic product compliance data and information and store it securely. The software can also be used to upload and store product Technical Files. Integration of our EU Authorised Representative (EU AR) and/or UK Responsible Person (UK RP) service can be included for the relevant service fee. The EU AR and UK RP services may also be purchased independently if desired.

See our Services page for more information.