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What is Comply Express SmartCertTM?

Comply Express SmartCertTM is a game-changing new product compliance management online software tool designed to speed up and simplify the product certification process.

The easy to use software tool is automatically configured to specific customer’s needs by entering product information for the relevant industry sector and target markets.

Comply Express SmartCertTM brings the following key benefits for users:

  • Acceleration of the product certification process. We chose the company name Comply Express for a reason – our mission is to speed up the new product certification process in order to help get new product designs to market in the shortest possible time – and once on the market, reduce the time and minimise the effort required to keep products in compliance with legal requirements.
  • Simplification of the product certification process is our other key goal. Hence ‘SmartCert’. Our custom-designed expert system has many embedded rules extracted using a knowledge elicitation process by compliance experts and coded into the system using python, PHP and linking with a relational database. A simple user interface captures key information about your products and configures the software according to your product type and related legislation
  • SmartCert monitors product legislation and knows how product safety standards and other standards relate to your product portfolio. It will warn you if any of your products may be affected by up-coming changes in relevant standards
  • Design Change Process – it’s a significant achievement completing a new product design and getting the compliance evidence ready for the big product launch. Then inevitably once in production, the product changes and evolves over time – design improvements, component substitutions due to part obsolescence, manufacturability improvements – a whole range of reasons. Whatever the reason, SmartCert has this covered by providing the ability to document your design changes as they occur over time, so your product compliance information remains fully up to date.
  • Several other leading-edge innovative features have been specially developed and incorporated into SmartCert including advanced tools for users involved in product design – such as an electrical ‘creepage and clearance’ calculator tool




Product Compliance Evidence Management

The only digital platform that provides a dedicated integrated suite of tools to build and manage your product’s Technical Files and legal declarations – from pre-production, to release and on into long term product management including design change management.

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